Wuchazi bridge (五岔子大橋)
(Competition winning scheme / Completed)


House in Ribbeck
(Coming soon)


Syrian German Café - Lawrence

Berlin - A dialog with the city


New building for after school care

Facade installation

Konzulát Studios - MakeCity 2015

Inverted Pier

Boston Living with Water

Hillside house

Detached house 

Shan Shui City (honorable mention)

Park Connector - Tian Fu New City
(competition winning scheme)

Urban Connector - Tian Fu New City
(competition winning scheme)

Plateau Rosenheim

Station forecourt and bus terminal

Kirchzartener Höfe

Master plan Kurgebiet II - Connecting generations

Haus der Zukunft (Building of the future)

Exhibition and event space to present Germany as location for science and innovation

KACST, Saudi Arabia

City of Science and Technology - Master plan and laboratory
Project architect with LAVA GbR

PADC, Saudi Arabia

Product Application Development Center  - Projektleitung bei LAVA GbR

Deep Skin

A new vertical city environment

Reflexion Space

Ergonomic, three dimensional urban interface

Kurzschluss - Art Rules Architecture Rules Art

First national networking project of art students from Germany


Seating accommodation

Deutsche Telekom

Interior Design - Confidential 2011